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Comments(3)- September 24, 2006

This was at the at the International Air show this summer. There were plenty of these guys with lenses bigger then my SP320, it was kind of intimidating to pull out my camera. As the planes flew by I could hear their cameras going, getting 6-7 shots per fly-by, I was lucky to get 2. But in the end, although I might not have gotten photos as good as theirs or as many as they did, I had a couple of good ones I'm happy with that. And maybe when I’ll be as old as those guys I’ll be able to afford telephoto lenses and dslrs.

Intern's photo of the photographer reminded me about my own. Intern is a Chicago based photoblogger that has some pretty cool stuff.

About a year ago: NIGHAS

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  • I know what you mean about the camera... mine is still a crappy Canon S45. My stratgy (until I get a new camera) is to shoot good composition and muck around in photoshop until its better.
    ian @ September 25, 2006
  • Well don't mind about your camera. The guy only has a cheapo 75-300 or a 100-300 USM and no Battery-Grip mounted, so nothing really that spectacular there ;).

    As we can see, you are able to make very good pictures wth your equipment. Size doen't matter in this case. ;)
    Uwe @ September 25, 2006
  • hey, I was just browsing and to my delight saw my blogsite here ... Thank You! Well your camera is quite nice and your photographs are excellent. I love taking photos of people trying to take other people's photos ... so in that case the camera was not all that important, but the act of taking photo was! Anyways I'm really glad to have come to this site ...
    Intern @ October 16, 2006

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