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Comments(10)- May 27, 2007

Grenadier Pond, High Park.
Here's a map.

About a year ago: NIGHAS

Visitor Comments

  • Beautiful sunset. The way you captured it is incredible.
    A friend @ May 27, 2007
  • wow! this is beautiful! i love sunsets and the way you shot makes it look real, as in, happening now.
    Nicole @ May 27, 2007
  • WOW!! This photo came out so well. The sky is brilliant to say the least. The reflection and the silhouette of the tree horizon are amazing!
    Kat @ May 27, 2007
  • wow, i like the colours in this photo, and how it looks
    volodia @ May 27, 2007
  • it's the perfect calm anyone would dream of...such an amazing shot
    shell @ May 27, 2007
  • Great sky. Love the transition between orange and purple. The little blots of the bright blue really pull it through. It has a feeling that evokes Mark Twain's stories.
    Joe @ May 31, 2007
  • Can I go? I can almost here the frogs and locusts! This photo looks so "relaxing". It reminds me of childhood fishing trips with my Daddy.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful picture! AND for recalling a special memory.

    Happy Thursday!
    JennieBoo @ May 31, 2007
  • Nice tones! I like the chill envorienment!
    Osiriums Ventaka @ May 31, 2007
  • Even better than a postcard.. it makes me happy inside :)
    Patty @ May 31, 2007
  • i wanna stay there for the rest of my life
    charisse @ May 31, 2007

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