Pat's Golf
Pat's Golf
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Comments(3)- August 13, 2009

I helped Patrick Cristobal set up his photoblog a couple days ago. Last night we went to Centennial Park to take some photos. There wasn't anything interesting.

I'm thinking of making some apocalyps photography stickers but I'm not sure on the design. I've drawn up a couple preliminary sketches and posted them in the facebook fan page. Let me know which one you think looks best.

About a year ago: Smug Kid

Visitor Comments

  • LOVE the picture man! No one has ever taken a picture of me driving :)
    Patrick @ August 13, 2009
  • that car needs more stickers!
    crash @ August 13, 2009
  • for the other quarter panel, right?
    Andrew @ August 16, 2009

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