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Comments(7)- June 16, 2007

I saw this guy working hard near some newly built townhouses in my area.
I installed an image rating add-on that allows the visitors to rate each photo I post. When posting a comment take another millisecond to rate that photo, it's in the comments window, right under the thumbnail.

About a year ago: NIGHAS

Visitor Comments

  • I had a job like that once. (I think I've said that about five times in the past six hours)
    A friend @ June 16, 2007
  • I wonder where the chair came from. It looks out of place.
    Lauren @ June 16, 2007
  • wow what a random shot, this guy was probably like wth?? haha he looks so out of place, oh yah hess working real hard jks...
    krys @ June 16, 2007
  • random but cool center of interest. was the guy looking right at you?? possibly posing LOL
    Kat @ June 16, 2007
  • stalking up on workers again?? lol jks, it's a good pic
    volodia @ June 20, 2007
  • A little centered for my tastes but an excellent subject. Its amazing anything gets done with workers like these.
    Jeff Ambrose @ June 23, 2007
  • ohhhh my look at that pose ;) haha just kidding, slacker!
    charisse @ June 27, 2007

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