Fountain of Light
Fountain of Light
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Comments(6)- August 3, 2006

This is another photograph taken during the week of Canada Day. The family went up to Algonquin Park and even though we weren't supposed to, we shot fireworks. It just happened that I was on the bridge trying to take pictures of the night sky when the crowd gathered for fireworks. I've got a couple more decent shots which I'll be posting later this month.

About a year ago: NIGHAS

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  • Hey Andrew, Azhar from,
    Firstly thanks for your comment, I just turned 16, and you would have liked the previous post better, and tomorrows will be awesome.
    Secondly, I see you want constructive criticsim, this is made for you please check it out.
    Thirdly, the shot :D
    i like the reflection of the water, but maybe cropping off the black part at the bottom would increase its impact because then it would continue iton the frame, doing this maybe also a crop from left and right, but its hard to say just looking at the photo, as its hard to imagine what it would look like after the crop,
    Overall a nice long exposure, just needs some cropping I'd say :)
    Azhar @ August 3, 2006
  • Hey!i can see Albert Einstein there!
    harlequinpan @ August 3, 2006
  • Makes me want to be there. Very cool how it has lit up the people and trees so well. I like the trail of smoke too.
    ROB @ August 3, 2006
  • That is very impressive. I love how the people are used for scale.
    Alicia @ August 10, 2006
  • You've definetely captured the moment here... Very impressive!
    19 Seconds Of Spring @ August 10, 2006
  • you have a very good timing taking this picture and its a good place where those people placed the fire works and i see you had to walk cuite a bit to your picture taking place and it payed off this picture werry good.

    volodia @ August 25, 2006

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